Spooks Gotta Whiz


Our Breeding Philosophy

In an effort to increase the offspring value, we have established some breeding standards that we will strictly follow. The 2011 breeding fee is going to be advertised as Private Treaty. The Private Treaty arrangement allows for flexibility to work with mare owners on a case-by-case basis. In subsequent breeding seasons, the fee will be set according to demand and fair market value. At no time will we compromise our desire to put the highest quality foals on the ground by simply accepting breeding fees in lieu of producing show quality offspring. We will never allow the breeding book to remain open-ended; therefore, prior to each breeding season we will advertise a limited book and specify the number of mares that will be booked prior to the start of that breeding season. It is our intention to (a) protect the investment made by the mare owner, (b) to attract the best mares for our stallion that we can, (c) to make sure the resulting offspring for all seasons end up in the best show homes available and (d) and ensure that the offspring retain the highest sales value possible in their respective markets.

Spooks Gotta Whiz offspring will be eligible to show NRHA and NRBC. In addition, since he is a double registered stallion and is paid into both the AQHA Incentive Fund and the APHA Breeder’s Trust programs. His offspring will also be eligible for double registry, and eligible to be paid and enrolled into both the Incentive Fund and Breeders Trust. As a result, we will accept quality mares that are either AQHA or APHA registered. Depending on the interest we get from overseas clients, he may or may not be paid into any European Futurities.

In addition, each year we will offer NRHA Sire & Dam breedings and are donating breedings to a few select stallion auctions; all auctions will be announced once the breeding donations are finalized.

Spooks Gotta Whiz is not deaf; since his Dam is also not deaf, we do not expect him to produce deaf foals. To the extent that mare owner’s are concerned about producing deaf offspring, there is new research information available that provides guidance on how to avoid producing deaf offspring.

Spooks Gotta Whiz has tested HYPP: n/n, HERDA: N/N, GBED: N/Gb, PSSM1: n/n His color genetics are: Red Factor: EE, Agouti: AA and Splash 1,2,3: N/SW1, N/SW2, N/N. Since he is homozygous black he cannot produce red, black, grulla, palomino or other related colored offspring.

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